Work in South Sudan Discipleship Team or As South Sudan Preacher to Serve Society Better

If you want to be part of the South Sudan Discipleship team or want to become South Sudan preacher to help people, you need to find the holy place – the independent church where such programs are organized with financial support. You may find different names helping people to serve society better by teaching people.

When you have decided to become South Sudan Preacher, The Anglican Church of South Sudan is the holy place. It is an independent national church formed on the Biblical call of God to serve and spreading the Gospel for furthering the Kingdom of the Almighty God both spiritually and also with material development.

Anglican Church of South Sudan uses the holistic approach of the transformational Gospel in reaching all the areas – with the Gospel, transforming every society to foster the love of God in them and promoting peace along with love and unity of brethren among the believers.

As church with the Gospel Mission, South Sudan Discipleship Team is excited to join hands with the rest of the mission oriented churches to further the Kingdom of God. As the church of South Sudan, their main motive and of course mission is evangelism and discipleship. They work under a board to ensure that evangelism, discipleship and all missions work are carried out for the sake of Christ Gospel. They grow to transform the nation with Christ’s Gospel

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