Western companies in China should forget Google and sister-in-law should think

Google is not a big player due to censorship and is not due to controlling online information offered by the Chinese government. As opposed to Western countries, the search engines leader in Badoo China is with about 80% market share and monthly with more than 600 users. The search engine is a major difference between SEO in China and in western countries.

As there are different platforms, there are some differences in the SEO rules between Bedo and Google and are interested in improving their ranking on Chinese search engines, to develop an effective SEO strategy in admission. That fact should be kept in mind.


Bide is very important on the website’s homepage, while Google focuses on deep pages. The Chinese search engine provides high weight on the homepage and its content is the main element for good ranking on admission.

In addition, better keywords on the home page include MM to better rank on badge. The main page must be in the most competitive and important keywords included in the SEO strategy.

Website Indexing:

Bondo is very slow in indexing new websites compared to Google, and even indexing can take a lot of time. It is important to update the website’s content as usual during this procedure, because once a website, rating and traffic will increase rapidly.

Link Building:

Websites have two types of links, internal links and outbound links. The number of their links is one of the most important classification elements for search engines SEO free. Although, there are some links related to the links between Badrid and Google.

  • Contrary to Google, there is almost one importance for the quality of bound quantity and inbound links. So you should not take much time to look for quality links for improving your position on Chinese search engines because it does not matter.
  • Chinese links play an important role. Outbound links from other reliable and relevant Chinese websites are more valuable for adulteration than getting links to English websites.
  • Thanks for the SEO strategy; it may be possible to increase the website’s ranking on admission, while Google improves gradually and continuous rating over a few months.
  • Beware judges although the Chinese search engines have decided to punish the site, the ranking of the website can decrease rapidly on badge. However it is the same on Google.


Baidu likes Chinese textbooks written in Chinese characters while Google likes English content.

Bedro is especially important on homepage for continuous updating of the content of the website. To improve bad ratings, it is important to add fresh content to the original content, while Google is asking for longer content information.

Duplicate content

While Google hates duplicate content, the badge is more tolerant and does not criminalize the website with duplicate content. Other websites in China are very common.

These are the main differences between the Google and the audio SEO. Now companies know that they have to develop different SEO strategies in China than in western countries to find their websites on the first page of the audio.

These differences are a huge cultural difference between the west and the Chinese brain set. The majority of western countries do not think quality, no copy because it is not considered as a big and is considered as a lack of intellectual capacity. They think that everyone has to do their own research. Chinese likes more: Copy is great, saves time. Let’s copy some and then make it better, save time, money, and perfect.

As you can see, the search engines also do not agree with the thinking process, so as a foreign company, you need specialists that a deep understanding of the search engine increases your exposure and Finally market in China to design effective SEO strategies to improve your sales

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