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Creating a Financial Plan Using a Spreadsheet Template or a Financial Plan Template

Financial planning is one of the most critical tasks that you must do if you’re planning to start a business. This is to plan out how you can help your business to achieve its financial goals and purpose. A financial plan is usually created once you’ve figured out the vision and objectives of your business, […]

What is a Cap Table – Example

A Capitalization Table or known as Cap Table is a financial spreadsheet for a startup business or early venture that lists all the business’s securities such as stocks, preferred shares, warrants, etc. and who owns those securities. Basically, a cap table’s purpose is to tell the user ‘who owns what’. Hence, it is best to […]

Importance of Financial Planning – Downloading a Financial Plan Template

Financial planning is a critical priority in a business or once starting a business. It is a must to-do task to determine how the business will reach its strategic goals and financial objectives. A financial plan is then created after figuring out the vision and objectives of the business. Included in the financial plan are […]

Download a 5 Year Financial Template

Whether you already run a business or just planning to start up, creating a financial plan is critical for one’s business to strive and grow. Taking control of the ins and outs of your business’s financial position will help you determine whether you’re doing right or wrong to your business. Not planning ahead to foresee […]

Significance of a Cash Flow Projection Template

Building a cash flow projection is one of the most useful tools for every business. It keeps track of all cash, in and out of the business. It also helps determine if the business will have enough cash to keep the business running, pay for debts, and at the same time enough funding for expansion […]