Google Speed Update – All You Need To Know About

Every little change that Google makes influences millions of people around the world. Google constantly changes the algorithms and parameters based on which it ranks different pages on SERPs. And we all know how crucial these rankings are for bringing traffic to our websites. Staying ahead of the curve is the goal of every company that provides SEO Services In Delhi or anywhere around the world. It requires hard work and patience to execute a well-made strategy. These are the major takeaways from this update:

  • Speed Matters For Mobile – Page loading speed has long been a factor in ranking a page on Google. This update means that now the loading time for mobile users will also be accounted for this ranking. Number of mobile users obviously far exceeds the number of desktop users and that’s what makes this update a really crucial one.
  • Sophisticated Analysis – As it is the case with any other update, the announcement of this update was also vague and all cards are not on the table. There is no trick to get around this update as Google uses nuanced techniques to rank these pages.
  • Spend Your Time Accordingly – While you need to make your website more adequate for mobiles, don’t focus all your energy on it. This is just one factor and there are many other factors you need to take care of.

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