Available Treatment Options for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

For starting the treatment at any stage of lung cancer, it is important to find the different factors associated with it.

As the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer depends on the person’s medical condition, which stage cancer he/she is suffering from, and any past cancer treatments or diagnosis.

The lung cancer treatment in India is possible because of the availability of better facilities and hospitals. Get yourself treated from the best oncologist and know all the possible ways of treatment for non-small cell lung cancer.

NSCLC Early Stage Treatment

In the early stage of NSCLC, the abnormal cancer cells are visible on sputum cytology. To diagnose the cancerous cells and tumours, different imaging tests and methods are used.

Like bronchoscopy is used for diagnosing NSCLC cells. But do not ignore and leave it if no tumour is found. It is better to go and get the tests done after two or three months.


This is the initial stage where the lung cancer starts developing but is not spread much deeper. Usually, it is in the lung airways upper layer that is the lining layer.

The good part is that at this stage, NSCLC is curable with the help of the surgery. But, ask your doctor what all surgeries will be required.

As generally in this stage segmentectomy is done for the treatment. But there are some parts in the lungs where some other type of surgery is required like lobectomy, pneumonectomy, sleeve resection, etc.

If the doctor finds that without surgery also, the NSCLC Stage O cancer can be treated, the treatment may include brachytherapy or laser therapy.

NSCLC Stage I and Stage II

For those who are diagnosed with NSCLC Stage I, for them surgery is the best option. It can be lobectomy, where the lobe in which the tumour is there is taken out through surgery.

Or otherwise, segmentectomy or sleeve resection can be done by removing the lung’s small infected part. But lobectomy is considered to be the better treatment option by many oncologists.

For NSCLC Stage II also, same surgeries can be performed, but in some cases, pneumonectomy is done to remove the complete lung if required. Also, before surgery, the doctors may do chemotherapy or radiation therapy to make a tumour small.

After the surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy might be required in cancer which has chances to come back. Once the surgery is over, the removed cancerous cells or part is checked to know whether some cancerous cells or tissue is left.

In that case, oncologists may have to conduct another surgery or else they may use radiation or chemotherapy as well. In Stage II, if the surgery is not possible, the only option left is to do the radiotherapy treatment.


In this stage, generally, the health of the patients is not that good. Also, the surgery alone might not be able to cure the NSCLC. So, in this stage, different treatment combinations are used.

Like Surgery, Chemo, Radiation Therapy, or new therapies or treatments which are only for clinical trials.


It is the severe stage, as by now, cancer has spread to wider areas. And the treatment of the cancer is decided after looking at the patient’s health, the areas where cancer has spread, or how big the tumour is.

Look for the best cancer hospital in India where they can provide different treatments for severe cancer also.

As it may require different treatments like surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, laser therapy, and photodynamic therapy.

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