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How to Get Datasets for Chatbot Training?

Finding the right datasets for chatbot greetings is very testing task as unreliable or irrelevant data would be not helpful or create only a useless chatbot application that would be not capable to solve the queries of customers virtually or incapable to properly answer their questions. But there are few Chatbot training data providing companies […]

Chatbot Training Data for Deep Learning

Chatbot training data service is offered at Cogito with data collection and classification service for machine learning and AI developments. It is involved in providing training datasets for AI-oriented machine learning related various services like Chatbot training and virtual assistant etc. For chatbot training data it is the right place with scalable solution to deliver […]

How machine learning is applied to ChatBot?

Chatbot is an AI-backed chat application works itself without any human intervention. This chatbot works on the principles of machine learning that is trained with relevant amount of quality data. The question here, how is machine learning applied to Chatbot to make it functional and allow users ask their queries and get immediate and favorable […]