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Learn Financial Modeling Online

Learning more is always a good thing, plus nowadays, it is very convenient that its possible to learn without having to leave your home. With the rise of internet, getting education online has become a trend. Aside from not having to travel, there’s also the convenience of choosing specific courses you want to focus on. […]

Do-It-Yourself Budgeting Spreadsheets For Download

When it comes to financial business planning, creating budgeting spreadsheets is one of the ways to go about it. Using a spreadsheet is preferable as it organizes accounting and other finance data in rows and columns, making it easier to understand and read, compared to reading walls of text on a paper. To be able […]

Get Your First Investor Through A Reliable Startup Financial Model Template!

A brilliantly designed startup financial model template in excel is the primary step to lead to a result-oriented discussion with venture capitalists or investors. Such excel model assists business owners and investors to make sound financial decisions and to determine best and worst business scenarios by running different scenario simulations in the model. Problems Entrepreneurs […]

Financial Statement Template in Excel

Creating a financial statement has always been a part of business financial management. Without it, some issues might be disregarded, no matter how little, as long as it will get accumulated and not resolved, a business might turn for the worse without realizing. A business’s financial statements provides critical information about its financial position and […]

Using a 5 Year Financial Projection Template – XLS

A financial projection is simply a forecast of the future sales and expenses. Basically, the projection will refer the internal or historical data and will include a prediction based on external market factors. Usually, it is needed to create a short-term (covering the first year of business, month by month) and mid-term (covering for the […]