QAIO Flex, The Smart Fitness Mirror for your Lifestyle


Evervue USA Inc introduces an interactive smart fitness mirror called, QAIO Flex.

This revolutionary product offers a brand-new fitness experience built with a full interactive smart touch display that turns into a decorative mirror when turned-off. QAIO Flex is compatible with either Android or IOS workout applications.

QAIO Flex transforms the way fitness apps are used in smart phones. Gym enthusiasts can now monitor their body and follow the instructions simultaneously in an elegant mirror.

Gyms and fitness studios can have a sharp edge against their competitors with multiple QAIO Flex installed. They can also provide an effective, personalized and premium quality of training to their clients.

With virtual coaching session, latest fitness classes and group training sessions, QAIO Flex targets people who prefer in-home exercises without sacrificing the quality of working out outside the gym. This interactive mirror can also be installed in offices to helps professionals in managing their time to live a balanced lifestyle.

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Phone: +19494414262

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