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Why You Should Not Use Google Short URL and Bit ly

Most of us are using URL shorteners in order to get more hits for the blog or website without showing the real name of the website. But You Should Not Use Google Short URL and Bit ly because your competitors can see your data from where you’re getting traffic, i.e., country, operating system, other data.

If you are running a digital marketing blog, then someone can steal your strategy and other details through this way that would be enough to beat you down.

And of course, the frequency of getting clicks from the users.

See GIF Proof Here:

You just have to place .info after any Google Short URL to see the analytics of that URL.

[If it doesn’t matter to you, then I apologize, this tip is not for you.]

For example:

Google Short URL:

To See the Data:

Or place + at the end:


You will see many top-selling products being sold by Facebook Ads, and they share the link with Google Short, and you can take advantage of it. How?

1. You can check from the URL where they are getting the most of the traffic. So you can target the same way via Ads.

2. Will you like that your competitor looks at your precious data? The GIF I showed above is the SMS sent by Well pk. Now I can say SMS Marketing in Pakistan works well.

3. You can compare the data of the previous SMS and take action accordingly.

I mean within an hour Well dot pk has collected 47 clicks If it’s getting more clicks I can promote the same product.

If its previous product has got 1000 clicks sent by SMS, I can promote the same product in the reign.


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