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A Nepal tour takes you profoundly of rich culture, great history, pristine view and captivating urban areas. A gathering tour through Nepal offers a lot of assortment and interests all explorers. From the origin of Buddha to the tallest mountain on the planet, Nepal will everlastingly have a bit of your heart. Discover Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu which is endlessly spellbinding with different sights, sounds and smells and wonder about the medieval sanctuaries. Experience Pokhara, a city which offers wonderful landscape, enterprise interests and a bottomless of sustenance alternatives; encounter a mind blowing trekking wander at Annapurna and visit the lovely Chitwan, which is home to Nepal’s first national stop. Get ready to be altogether awed as you set out on an once in an existence time enterprise through Nepal.Take an excursion through Nepal and India on a gathering tour where investigation and experience is standing by.

Settled amongst India and Tibet, Nepal is normally alluded to as the ‘top of the world’ – as it’s the most noteworthy nation on the planet.

Enriched with green subtropical woods, snow-topped pinnacles and an assorted social scene, Nepal is a standout amongst the most one of a kind travel goals on the planet, with the gem in its crown without a doubt, the forcing Mount Everest.

In case you’re arranging or going on a Nepal tour or occasion – don’t squander your well deserved money by going at the wrong time. Underneath, we’ll let you know:

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

Weather to expect in Nepal

Guide of Nepal

Things to see and do in Nepal

Prominent Nepal tours

Wellbeing Advice for making a trip to Nepal

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The long stretches of October to December are the best times to visit Nepal. The skies are at its clearest amid this period, making for fabulous review of Nepal’s snow-topped pinnacles. The weather by and large stays dry until April, however the early periods of the year are for the most part exceptionally frosty.

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