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Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang is a Mystic Land in the rain shadow of Nepal and minimum known kingdoms is maybe the last enclave of flawless Tibetan culture. Taboo and secluded from whatever is left of the world it could advance its own unmistakable culture and custom which are so rich and one of a kind. This trek offers to involvement and see the shrouded universe of Buddhist Kingdom in Nepal. The course of the Upper Mustang Trek takes us to the capital of Upper Mustang called Lo Mustang which is a medieval town encompassed by a tremendous town divider. Upper mustang mirrors the way of life of the general population living in the rugged district. Individuals being relied upon little courses and on jackasses for conveying products. Along the ways we can see little gatherings of ladies turning fleeces and tattling. In Lo Mustang you can even discover the castle of King and if the King is at home you can even visit him.

The upper mustang comprises of two particular districts; the southern part and the northern part and the dialects, culture and conventions of this locales reflects Tibetan culture. The entire zone has a secluded and mysterious feel to it, charming and motivating to this area. This area is brimming with Nepal’s most seasoned Buddhist religious communities, old and separated with curious white houses. Untouched by the cutting edge progress, life in mustang goes ahead as it has for a considerable length of time in unhurried pace. Upper Mustang trek has dependably been entrancing a result of its previous history and the way of life and way of life of the nearby individuals living. Trekking through it takes around 17-18 days and the trekking starts from Jomsom where it can be come to by a flight from Kathmandu or from Pokhara. The trek goes through bunches of excellent and beautiful perspectives , harsh and intense trails, spiritualist pinnacles and lakes et cetera. Becoming acquainted with the way of life of People of Mustang and their way of life is an or more point for the trekkers.

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