MainWP Favorites Extension

MainWP Favorites Extension Premium From UxiMarket Place

The MainWP Favorites Extension enables you to keep as often as viable

Utilized modules and topics for snappy and easy status quo on a domain.

What’s more, due to the fact those pinnacle selections are put away locally to your dashboard and does no longer make use of the wordpress.Org favorites api so your safety is saved up.

Keep your favourite plugins and topics properly organized and continually available

Not any more searching around or trying to take into account the call of all the modules and topics which you use all of the time!

The mainwp favorites extension enables you to store a great deal of the

Time applied modules and subjects for brisk and simple established order on a website.


Does now not make use of the wordpress.Org favorites api so your safety is kept up.

The favorites extension even permits you to mixture your modules

And topics in light of any standards you want. Say that you make use of an

Change association of modules or an alternate concern for

Destinations in the “blue widget” strong point contrasted

With your locales in the “yellow widget” distinctiveness you may set your favorite corporations to successfully introduce the right modules for the right uniqueness.

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