Increase your Revenue and Customer Service Efficiency with Chatbots

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Chatbots have been under development for over 18 years on the Internet without too much fanfare. Recently, however, they have become a hot topic for customer service and technical support management because the AI capabilities that underpin them have advanced to the point that they are a very compelling option for deployment.

Here are some features of the latest Chatbots that can help you enhance your customer service efficiency:

Enhanced AI:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the more important science areas to keep abreast of if you are in the IT or customer support fields because it is already good enough that you can easily create dialogs that allow your customer to have their inquiries answered without using human intervention. Chatbot agencies inspired companies like Lemonade, which uses all AI to provide customers with insurance quotations and underwriting.

One agency, Botpress, has created an application that allows you to create chatbots from a base that already utilizes AI to ensure that your chatbot will be intelligent. You therefore end up with an experience where you do not need to know that much about the technical end of software in order to be efficient about creating chatbot experiences for your customers.

Coding efficiency:

In addition to solid AI, chatbot development software on the market today also is 4th or 5th or 6th generation, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of a user layer that allows for easy chatbot dialog creation.

So if you have a list of frequently asked questions, you can actually incorporate that into a knowledge base that is attached to the chatbots, providing your customers service without many of them even knowing that they are not chatting with a human. You can also use your own knowledge base to create decision trees using natural language that will solve a problem or request for a customer. One of the most popular ways to utilize chatbots is to offer to provide the customer with a quotation. Of course, if you ever feel like the technical level is something that your engineers might be better suited to use, you could also take a look at using your chatbot vendor as a chatbots agency – an outside business that could do some of your scripting for you.

Low Cost:

When you go out and use the latest chatbot creator software to build your chatbots, the efficiency that you get will allow you to create scripts from 5 to 10 times faster than you could using software that required you to build scripts from the ground up. You can therefore save a lot of time and money on the development end.

On the deployment side, if your chatbot scenario can replace part of someone’s job, you will save quite a bit of money because it can be run repeatedly without incurring cost. The insurance company, Lemonade, recently managed to settle a claim with a chatbot for a customer in a world record time of 3 seconds.

Enhancing customer service efficiency is a grail type of quest for many firms. Using a chatbot creation software, you can normally set up scenarios that save time for your workers and budget for your division.

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