How Smartphones Are Destroying Our Generation?

Undoubtedly, it is a thought-provoking title and almost everyone dwelling in this era of technological advancement will witness the axiom of this thought. The abrupt changes in the psychological behaviour of teens and adults have become a common thing nowadays. However, increasing rate of depression in young individuals has impelled psychologist to identify the real cause of stress in teens and adults. Majority of them consider excessive use of smartphone the cause of anxiety in young individuals. Even though there are multiple benefits and merits attributed to the era of technology but we cannot ignore its dark side because it is engulfing the individuals and depleting all the tendencies and capabilities.

Majority of the students are the victims of smartphones as it has destroyed all their capabilities. Instead of investing long hours on studies they prefer to use social networking sites on a smartphone that is raising the question on their academic performance. However, it is true that there are multiple educational tools and apps available on these phones which are helpful in improving academic performance. Whether you want to seek help for assignment writing services or for solving any logical problem, online educational tools are making the lives of students convenient by reducing pressure from their minds. However, there are multiple disadvantages of smartphone which are ruining the mental and physical health of individuals. Some of the drawbacks of the excessive use of smartphone are discussed below.

Poor Social Interaction: The advent of smartphones has completely changed the dynamics of the conversation. Our ability to interact with other individuals has depleted because of the excessive use of mobile phones. We prefer to spend our precious time using different apps on our phones because it is deterring us from having spontaneous and deep conversations with the people in our surroundings. You will not find a single person who has not used a smartphone in the last conversation. The use of phones during conversations not only deteriorate our conversation but also reduces the empathetic connection that holds us together. Hence, you can say the inception of phones has played a significant role in reducing our social interactions.

Distraction: One major thing that deviates the attention of students and doesn’t allow them to study is a smartphone. According to the latest research, the root cause that is depleting learning abilities of students is the extreme use of a smartphone. Despite its productivity, it is also the major distraction that holds back students from engaging in academic activities. Parents and teachers see the smartphone more as a distraction than an educational tool because it does not allow them to work efficiently. For this reason, every sensible person thinks there should be an outright ban on the extreme use of cell-phones for the students. It will improve their academic performance to a great extent because they will be able to work with focus and concentration.

Addiction: Ask anyone, what the first thing you do after waking up in the morning? You will certainly find the same answer from everyone because everyone checks the phone right after waking up in the morning. We don’t realise that we are extremely addicted to the use of cell-phones, even though we have to face daily tribulation because of spending so much time in destructive activities but still instead of investing our time in constructive activities we prefer using a smartphone. Hence, we cannot deny the fact that one of the major reasons for the lack of in motivation and dedication in students is the temptation of using a smartphone. Therefore, it is better to restrain the students from excess use of it.

Health Problems: The debate that is going on among the scientists of the world is that whether smartphones are destructive for our mental and physical health or not? Several types of research have proved that the phones emit high-frequency radiations that can be absorbed by the cells and tissues of our body. However, besides is a harmful effect on our physical health it also has a negative impact on our mental stability. Majority of heavy cell phone users are usually deprived of sleep which restraint them from performing their daily tasks; therefore, you must avoid excessive use of cell-phone.




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