How to generate Income with Social Media

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There is no hiding the fact that each one of us want to make money through as many sources as possible. And we believe that money is in the air; you just need to master the art of precipitating it. Before the dawn of digital age, it has been quite difficult to find unconventional sources of money. But today, we have these crazy mobile app development companies, digital marketers, media handlers and what not, to help us milk money like anything; a huge amount of dedication is always required though.

Now the best use of internet for making money is utilizing social media in your best interests.

Why social media? Because it’s vast, goes beyond the boundaries of race, caste, and creed, distances don’t matter in social media platforms and because, hey, everyone’s on it!

So let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can use social media to make a good amount of money for yourself, and in some cases, might even have it as a primary source of income:


Some people might argue that blogs do not qualify as social media; we beg to differ! In blogging, you have mass reach, community interactions and most importantly, loyal followers. The same we have on social media platforms.

So, coming back to the point i.e how to make money with it.

One of the primary channels to drive money in through your blog is affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can go to the best-rated websites that offer affiliate marketing, such as Amazon, eBay and many more. You simply go to their affiliate program page and register yourself. Once registered, you can start collecting affiliate codes for products or services you write about and start using these codes in your blog content. Every time a customer purchases a product on Amazon through your affiliate link, you get a certain amount of commission.

Another way is that you can allow Google AdSense or direct ads on your page. Google AdSense uses Artificial Intelligence to place your ad in the right place at the right time, and has Pay-Per-Click (PPC) monetization model.

You can also publish product or service reviews for small businesses that need your social reach to leverage their businesses.


A relatively new monetization tool that Facebook launched is Facebook Offer. To make the best use of this tool, you need to have a page with a good number of followers. Facebook Offer allows you to post exclusive deals, discounts and other offers, on behalf of businesses that approach you to get their product noticed.

If you already have a business and need to create leads, use Facebook Lead-Ads to create ads that generate more leads than ever, with a simple 3-tap process for the user, The user doesn’t even have to fill the form, as Facebook uses automatically populates the field using that particular user’s information stored on the Facebook’s database.


There is a reason why we have more YouTubers that ever: because YouTube pays you much more than peanuts.

The good thing about YouTube is that a single good piece of content can get your channel viral in no time, and from that point, it is all smooth-sailing. You start getting ad proposals from Google AdSense that also have PPC model for payments. Another way of getting money from YouTube is brand or product endorsements or reviews. You can easily get a number of brands knocking at your door with a good amount of followers on your channel.


Because there is only visual media content on Instagram, people tend to follow you much easily, as compared to other platforms. Also, as it is primarily a visual media platform, there are two major ways of minting money on Instagram.

First is Brand Endorsements. Businesses would contact you often if you have good number of followers, to get their product or service known.

Another way to make money is sharing sponsored content. This again, would require you to have sufficient followers to be noticeable enough to business handlers on Instagram. Usually, you get paid per post on Instagram.

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