early intervention Singapore

The Growing Academy is the best early intervention singapore. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) helps meet the needs of children & families affected by autism.

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The Growing Academy strongly believes in the importance of early intervention in young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), global developmental delay (GDD) and other learning disabilities.

By incorporating the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), we help our students learn skills by breaking down complex tasks into smaller steps. This makes learning less stressful and helps our students feel more confident when they have mastered the skills. Some students require a structured environment to learn. Based on students’ profile, TEACCH/ Structured teaching is also used in our center.
Raising a child with special needs is definitely not easy and it is additional stress when your child displays problematic behaviour. At the beginning, some parents might try to be firm and refuse to give in to their child’s requests but eventually most of them will give in as they are tired of the fight, crying episodes and most of the time, they are unsure if what they are doing is correct when managing these problematic behaviour.

In some cases, parents may feel that their child do not often ‘act up’ and only does so once in a while but when he or she acts up, it is almost impossible to help the child calm down, so does it consider as problematic?

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