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On your web design, there are essential pages. I am referring to those URLs that have to exist to the force, well not to miss a visit, like 404 error; thank you pages to register downloads, subscriptions, and sales; as well as the confirmation of unsubscribing to your mail marketing campaigns.

In this sense, if there is no option and you are obliged to count on them, it is better than you differentiate yourself and achieve that these pages play in your favor. This website development approach is applied by Si3 Digital on customers web design Dubai. With the aim of generating smiles and surprise to anyone who arrives at any of these web design pages, we let fly to creativity and establish a homogeneous line that could be recognized by the vast majority of people.

Therefore, and although we could have focused these messages on our field of work, marketing, as many other companies do, we decided to empathize with all visitors and surprise them through a film theme. Take a look below.


Subscription to Newsletter

After browsing web design, the user decided to be aware of communications. For this, the user has completed the newsletter subscription form that we have arranged on our web design page and has sent us all your data.

Now it is a new lead in our database to which we have to notify you of the correct reception of your data. For this, we take the user to a thank-you page for subscription and confirmation. In our case, we understood this procedure in order to start “being part of”. With this logic, we looked for something that represents the web design.

In addition, and taking advantage of the redirection to this page and the predisposition of the user to receive content from our custom web design, we think it is an ideal time to offer content of interesting value.

Error 404 Web Design

Did you misspell the URL you were looking for or does that web design page no longer exist? Whatever your situation, the answer will be the same: Error 404. This web design page is mainly configured so that your website does not miss the visit, so the user who falls into it has the option to return to home or access a search engine in which to continue trying luck.


Following the creative approach related to web design industry, we dive among known titles in which a similar situation will happen, that is, the user would access an incorrect site and have to experience a redirect. Yes, there was not another representative one,



Download Content

Among the strategies to obtain a new lead in our database is offering downloadable content in exchange for the user providing us with a series of data, at least his email. For this reason, both to confirm this download to this person, as well as to track in Analytics, we created a web design page of thanks for the download of content. This thank you page makes reference to something relevant to the website.

What do you think about this for your web design page customization? We hope that the examples are liked and, if you have not done so, that you start to change your mind regarding these sections of your web design. In case you are looking for web design company Dubai you can contact Si3 Digital the best digital agency in UAE to facilitate creative services for web design and complete end to end website development services as per your need and requirements within your budget.


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