Is Computer Affects Our Vision?

It is a common problem among computer operators that our vision has become weak because of spending hours in front of the computer that put pressure on our eyes. Frankly speaking, seeing objects far away from us is much easier to our eyes, but gazing an object close to our eyes requires extra focus. Spending a long time in front of the computer can cause strain the muscle of our eyes that convert into headaches, eye-blur, and eye-fatigue. It may also make you visit Optical shops Dwarka Sector 6 to check up your eyes.

There are some ideas to consider that will help you to get relive from the vision problems of computer like –

Proper Light in The Work Area

Take away all dim overhead lights
Natural windows light should be managed to reduce reflected glare on your computer
Leaning the screen also may decrease glare
Adjust the contrast to the relaxed position

Suggestion on Work Area

Position the monitor about 20 degrees below the eye level
Monitor height should be correct
Reference material should be placed next to the screen
Place your eyes high on the screen

Sitting Position

Your wrists should be in a constant position
Your upper arms should be high and create 90 degree
Your chair should be adjustable and sit straight
Feet should be vertical

Work Habits

Take regular breaks for 2-3 minutes in every half an hour
Often focus on far-away objects
Look out the window to relax your eyes
Do exercise to relax your body

Useful Tips

Visit regularly a doctor to eye examine
Wear anti-glare glasses while reading and driving
Prefer prescription glasses from an eye-sore rather than buying eye frames online
Wash your eyes regularly with cold water to eliminate the dust particles

Our legends used to say that watching too much TV can damage the vision of your eyes, but we were rigid to listen to their words and result you can see. Today we most of our time spent in front of the computer, gazing mobile/tablets to make a call or messages and watching TV to relax our mind. Although, the conclusion is – spending times in front of the computer may not create problems to your eyes, but it creates eye-strain and eye-dry. Apart from above tips, you can also keep your eyes healthy including lots of green vegetables in your diet.

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