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Why does your company need a dedicated server?

When a company decides to start in the digital world, it is important to have an excellent hosting provider. Most opt ​​for shared server plans, or windows VPS hosting, but as the number of visitors on the company’s website increases, and so the amount of information, the need for a dedicated server arises.

However, before opting for a dedicated servers, you should analyze the business structure, corporate needs and customer behavior. It is necessary to train in the subject of servers, so as not to be fooled by technical arguments from suppliers who simply want to sell a hosting plan.

Why does your company need a dedicated server?

We give you six reasons.

1. Total control

Whoever acquires a dedicated server plan will have absolute control to install management programs, applications or any type of tools. The options are unlimited. You can customize 100% your services and operate it with the system you want. Remember that having a server dedicated to a single client, will allow you to make decisions about issues related to hardware and operating systems, unlike a shared server, in which a standardized hosting solution is applied to multiple web.

2. More security

By having the only access to the server, the vulnerability of the server will be greatly reduced. Dedicated servers work in conjunction with security patches, and perform constant updates to protect information. When you have a shared hosting service, many users access the same machine, and run software through access to the service databases, from an HTML page. This can cause server failures.

3. Better search engine optimization

Your server plays an important role in the organic positioning of your website which impacts for better SEO. A dedicated server will allow your company to reduce the bounce rate, and improve the user experience. In contrast, for example, with a website that is part of a shared server, and that is penalized by Google for containing malicious information, could affect other sites that share the hosting. This is known as association penalty, and consists of a black list that Google records after finding a website with malicious content, causing a decrease in relevance for users.

4. Reliability

Because the server operator is a single company, load times are improved, and the overall performance of the pages is optimized, which generates excellent reliability on the part of the client. On the other hand, the company does not have to share the bandwidth with other sites, so access to resources is permanent and without server crashes.

It should be noted that one of the best advantages of acquiring a dedicated hosting service is that server maintenance is performed by the hosting provider, which guarantees that it is always functioning at an optimal level.

5. Wide bandwidth

As you will be the only user of the server, this will provide your web with the maximum bandwidth capacity, which minimizes downtime, and cancels the low speed performance. This is due to the fact that there is always bandwidth available, which makes information travel faster and the user experience improves. It should be noted that with a good provider of budget dedicated servers hosting, the seasons of fashion and high traffic hours, will not have major impact on the performance of the website.

6. Customization

Dedicated servers allow companies to configure the system based on their particular needs. This could be configured to manage databases, or to build an electronic high performance server.

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