How to choose the best sunscreen for your skin by Dr Pallavi

We all know the benefits of sunscreen but fall short how to choose the right one for us.

While choosing a sunscreen to keep in mind

  1. Your skin type dry/oily /normal
  2. If you have any skin issues like acne, pigmentation, sensitivity
  3. Your daily sun exposure: mild, moderate, excess.
  4. Age, less than 30 or more than 30.

Gel-based and matte finish sunscreen’s with SPF 30 plus is helpful for anybody with oily skin, with or without acne and also for people with mild to moderate sun exposure like a 9-5 job, desk job when u go shopping, day outing etc.

At Skinclan Stretch Mark Treatment in Bangalore People with sensitive skin, pigmentation issues, and lots of outdoor activities can choose a sunblock instead of sunscreen. Sunblocks are physical sunscreen’s which are made of zinc oxide, titanium oxide etc. Which act as reflectors. New generation sunblocks do not give whitish tinge and are aesthetically well accepted by both men and women. Most of the physical sunscreens come with broad spectrum coverage of both UVA and UVB.

People with dry to normal skin should use either a lotion based or an emulsion based sunscreen with an SPF between 30-50. People who swim or play outdoor games can choose aqua gels which are sweat and waterproof.

Smokers, age above 30 should use sunscreens with lactobionic acid and always use a higher SPF with lotion or emulsion based as this combination helps best to reduce collagen breakdown by keeping the skin hydrated and also nullifies the effect of the sun on skin Stretch Marks Removal Laser Treatment in Bangalore.

So choose your sunscreen wisely.

Oral sunscreens

There is a huge hue and cry about antioxidants and how it helps prevent aging. As we all know aging is of two types … Intrinsic: internal factors, Extrinsic: environmental and lifestyle factors majorly: food, pollution, sun, smoking etc.

Extrinsic aging is something that we can protect ourselves from….

  1. Exercise: helps increase our metabolism and keeps our immune system most active.
  2. Food: balanced diet, less sugar, and a good amount of water intake help keep our system balanced. Thermogenic foods like ragi, fruits, berries, jaggery … all of these help to detoxify our system and help prevent lifestyle disorders like thyroid, PCOS, early diabetic.

General Dermatology in Bangalore when we lack to do the above oral antioxidants help, they help remove toxins, and nullify the effect of sun damage. Look for oral antioxidants which have sufficient amount of Vit C, VIT E, beta- carotene, lycopene etc… Higher antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, polypodium work as internal sunscreens and are to be used under doctor’s prescription.

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