Best Traffic-Generating Keywords for YouTube

The future belongs to digital transformation. Today, people are watching more and more content online. In fact, ATL and BTL marketing is now sidelined and why shouldn’t it be?

Nowadays everything that you want to watch is available on YouTube which is just one click away. Thus, the only way to survive in this digital sphere is to produce quality content that is affable and pulsating to catch the audience’s attention. However, along with the cutting-edge videos comes the need for accessibility. To make your content more and easily accessible, you must strategize it. This includes incorporation of the right amount and nature of keywords, throughout your content, to make it more visible and reachable to the audience.

Before we discuss the techniques, let’s focus on some statistics;
More than 45% of the viewers state that their purchase decision is influenced by watching a branded video on the internet or social media, and around 32% state that they generally consider purchasing after watching a video. Also, when asked about the most favorite mode of branded content, the answer is always video content.

So, how can you generate more traffic on YouTube? Let us discuss the techniques that can help in strategizing and finding the right keywords to include in your content while improving your rankings.

Optimizing For YouTube’s Algorithm:
YouTube is the most visited search engine, especially to access the video content. It uses a very sophisticated ranking algorithm for surfacing its content to the viewers. To rank your videos higher on YouTube, it is always important to upload fresh and current content. As much as users love the fresh content, the same freshly uploaded content, along with the recent searches made by the viewers, are taken into account by YouTube to rank videos.

Another major factor that helps you rank higher on YouTube is the watch time. Just like any other search engine, YouTube likes to surface videos that are most likely to be enjoyed by the viewers. Just like in written content, the introduction section helps to grasp the reader’s interest. Similarly, higher user engagement acts as a great signal for YouTube’s algorithm in identifying interesting videos.

The Importance Of Metadata:
The metadata is another important ranking factor for YouTube’s algorithm. It consists of different video related details like the title, the description, annotations, and tags. When you create effective metadata, it helps your video content to get found.

When it comes to YouTube, one way to stay ahead is to keep an eye on your competitors. While this may sound counterintuitive, you must have an idea as to what type of videos your competitors are creating, how they make their videos more engaging, the number of views on their videos, the metadata created for these videos etc. All of this information is crucial to create better content and make it more optimized for the algorithm. The same way you can learn from the mistakes made by your competitors and avoid these shortcomings to improve your ranking on YouTube.

The Keyword Research:
Another smart way to optimize your content for YouTube’s algorithm is to find the right keywords, but here you have to research the best keywords that would drive a large chunk of traffic to your video. One of the best ways to research effective and strong keywords is to use some traditional and powerful keyword research tools such as Google Search Console, SEOProfiler, SEMrush, Moz and others.

Even though YouTube enables you to add some ‘tags’ to categorize the video by keyword, there is a limited number of tags that can be included. One way to use tags effectively is to include multiword tags or long-tail keywords so that they can relate to your content topic specifically.

Indeed, the best practice is to use both the broad-term and single-word tags that would relate to the broader topic of your video. YouTube is highly effective at understanding the tags semantically so here are some basic examples of multiple-word tags, broad-term tags, and single-word tags:

Following are some multiple word tags;
1.How to learn the guitar
2.How to tame a dog.
3.How to plant a pineapple.
4.How to learn driving.

Following are some single word tags;

Following are some broad term tags;

Finding the Right Tags
The smart way of finding the right kind of tags is to keep a close eye on the videos that compete with the topic of your videos. However, these tags are not visible but hidden on YouTube that makes it a bit difficult to scout your competition. Luckily, numerous useful tools allow us to know what our competitors are doing and what tags are being used such as Tube Buddy or vidIQ.

What’s More To Consider?
Before you jump right into video optimization, always make sure that you consider it as a crucial part of your overall content strategy. A content strategy is nothing but an effective plan as to what you will create and for what purpose. If you want to know which videos worth creating for your business, then you should employ a good understanding of the target audience, your competitors, and a strong keyword plan as some of your basic tools to improve your rankings on YouTube.

When you plan your YouTube keywords strategy, you must come up with a few single keyword tags that you can try to rank for. As only a limited number of tags can be included, try to add the most crucial keyword phrases first and later include some particular multi-word tags. Moreover, if you can, then do include broader-term tags and single-word tags. To succeed, drive as much traffic as possible by uploading fresh and engaging content.

Since video content and marketing is constantly growing, mastering the ranking algorithm is an excellent way to direct your video marketing efforts into high gear.

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