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The scientific validity of the principles and approaches of Ayurveda as a logical life sciences and as a healing modality have convinced people for a long time. Traditional practices in Ayurveda such as Panchkarma are very popular as our Parijatak Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre regularly reports waiting lists for patients not only in India but also from abroad especially for Back Pain – Cure Completely with Ayurveda, slipped disc, paralysis, knee pain and choose rejuvenation, detoxification, and weight loss therapies over surgeries.

Cervical Spine stenosis treatment in nagpur

Spine care treatment in Nagpur

Ayurveda is not merely a science but it is a science of life. We always focus on individuals; we focus on all problems- not only disease which patient complain but also try to sort out associated problems for a complete cure with cause and concerned factors. This is called Anshansh Kalpana. In states disease as a condition in which body and mind are subjected to pain and misery. The measures adopted to bring back equilibrium is called the Chikitsa.

Chikitsa types:

Shodhana: Shodhana is a procedure which involves the elimination of vitiated doshas in a complete manner, and thus a recurrence of diseases is avoided like back pain or any diseases.

Shamana: This is the palliative treatment as it does not eliminate vitiated doshas but only subsides them in their own place called as a shaman. It is believed that there is no possibility of relapse of the disease cured by shodhana chikitsa, whereas the diseases cured by shamana may recur. At Parijatak Ayurveda, we are specialist in Cervical Spine stenosis treatment in nagpur.

Panchkarma: This treatment consists of vamana, virechana, anuvasanavasthi, niruhavasthi, nasya karma andraktamokshana. Out of the above five karmas, Vasthi is the most important constituent of panchkarma due to its multifocal effects. According to Ayurveda, Vata is the main factor whereas pitta and kapha are dependent on vata for their functions. ( पित्त पंगु कफ पंगु पंगवो मल धातव: )

Vasthi alleviates the morbid doshas and in addition to that, it nourishes the body tissues. It is considered the best remedy for morbid vata as well as in some extent pitta & kapha also. Vyadhi pratyeneeka medicines can be used in the form of basti to treat that particular vyadhi.

This particular procedure cures diseases of all doshas of all the three margas namely, shakha, koshta and the marmasthi sandhi & it completely destroys the vitiated vata dosha by entering into its moolasthana ( roots of vata & bones is pakvashaya / large intestine ) which is responsible for all diseases, thus said to be Ardha chikitsa in all specially in back pain.


Parijatak- For a Complete cure for Spine Pain, Slipped Disc and Spondylitis

Both samshodhana and samshamana effects help in:

  • Restoration of fertility
  • Weight loss
  • Improvement of vision during the aging process
  • Improvement in Back Pain / Spondylitis / Slipped Disc
  • Strength and helpful for longevity
  • Curing Back Pain and paralysis
  • Helps in recovery from insomnia/ stress/depression

Vasthi karma is best for curing Vatha diseases in particular. When used in quick action to produce the desired effect it is also called as Ardhchikitsa for all diseases (half treatment). Anuvasana Yogas are also practiced here which includes Dhanwantaram Tailam, Sahacharadi Tailam, Madhuyashyadi, Sukumaram Ghee, Ksheerabala Tailam, Lakshadi, Murrivenna, Mahasneham, Karma vasthi with Madhutailakam, Gudoochyadi Yaapanam, Lekhana Vasthi, Rajayapana Vasthi, Sneha vasthi, Matra Vasthi etc. The recommended usage is always after food (they should not be empty stomach).

In today’s practice, modern hospitals using soap water enema to remove the faces/ constipation. Various types of vasthikarma based on therapeutic action and complications are likely to occur during the procedure etc. It is observed that important procedure is not being practiced in many Ayurvedic hospitals in India in its full sense manner due to lack of practical experience and loss of confidence in its efficacies.

Parijatak for Best cervical spine treatment in Nagpur

Our Parijatak Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre which best Ayurvedic treatment center with best Ayurvedic doctors. Patients are kept under observation and all tests are conducted before ignition of treatment.

Best Spine surgeries in nagpur

Vastikarma is the procedure by which the medicine in suspension / decoction / oil / ksheerpaka / mezhupakam are directly administered to the lower gastrointestinal tract through anus / genital tract with the help of an instruments called asvasthikarma standardised at our Parijatak Kerala Ayurvedic Panchkarma Hospital with our best Ayurvedic spine doctor in Nagpur ’ team in concern complete Kerala oil therapy and Kerala Panchkarma with Kerala Therapist which are experts in their field. Contact us for more information.

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