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Download a 5 Year Financial Template

Whether you already run a business or just planning to start up, creating a financial plan is critical for one’s business to strive and grow. Taking control of the ins and outs of your business’s financial position will help you determine whether you’re doing right or wrong to your business. Not planning ahead to foresee […]

Significance of a Cash Flow Projection Template

Building a cash flow projection is one of the most useful tools for every business. It keeps track of all cash, in and out of the business. It also helps determine if the business will have enough cash to keep the business running, pay for debts, and at the same time enough funding for expansion […]

Get Your First Investor Through A Reliable Startup Financial Model Template!

A brilliantly designed startup financial model template in excel is the primary step to lead to a result-oriented discussion with venture capitalists or investors. Such excel model assists business owners and investors to make sound financial decisions and to determine best and worst business scenarios by running different scenario simulations in the model. Problems Entrepreneurs […]

Financial Statement Template in Excel

Creating a financial statement has always been a part of business financial management. Without it, some issues might be disregarded, no matter how little, as long as it will get accumulated and not resolved, a business might turn for the worse without realizing. A business’s financial statements provides critical information about its financial position and […]

A SaaS Business Model – Excel

As technology becomes one of the best tools in businesses, the rising of a new business models lead to the creation of SaaS or Software as a Service companies. SaaS companies are highly dependent on the internet as they are delivered mostly in the forms of online services accessible via the internet. Usually SaaS businesses […]

Downloading a Mining Valuation Model

Mining projects and businesses in the mining industry are continuously developing despite the degree of geologic uncertainty and ecological issues that are raised against it. It is clear that mining is a worthy venture that gives back high returns. Even though the government put on a strict regulation, lessening the indiscriminate mining, it only intensifies […]

Using a 5 Year Financial Projection Template – XLS

A financial projection is simply a forecast of the future sales and expenses. Basically, the projection will refer the internal or historical data and will include a prediction based on external market factors. Usually, it is needed to create a short-term (covering the first year of business, month by month) and mid-term (covering for the […]

What is a DCF Model?

A Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) is a valuation method to determine the value of a company or an asset by discounting its future expected cash flows. Either valuing a project, company, or assets using the concepts of the time value of money. A DCF value is calculated by using future free cash flow projections then […]

Creating A Real Estate Investment Analysis Spreadsheet

Starting a real estate business can be tough since the competition is hard and the industry is still continuously growing. It is no wonder that a lot of businessmen, entrepreneurs, private and public companies, and other venture capitalists who wants to join in the market. Before investing in a real estate property, it is important […]