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Best Paralysis Ayurvedic Treatment in Nagpur

Best Paralysis Cure with Ayurvedic Treatment Best Ayurvedic Treatment Paralysis in Nagpur– Doctors have identified three cardinal causes of paralysis, viz., injury, illness, and poisoning. In Ayurveda, this condition is referred to as Pakshaghat. It is believed that the condition is a consequence of doshas of cotton wool and Pitta. Treatments in the Form of Medication […]

Best Psoriasis Natural Treatment in Nagpur

A skin issue which is caused because of an overactive insusceptible framework (the condition in which the resistant framework begins assaulting the defensive cells in the body), is named as psoriasis. While the correct reason for this skin malady has not been known till now and is, for the most part, viewed as in view […]

Best Psoriasis Natural treatment in Nagpur

Best Ayurvedic Psoriasis natural treatment A skin disorder which is caused due to an overactive immune system (the condition in which the immune system starts attacking the protective cells in the body), is termed as psoriasis. While the exact cause of this skin disease has not been known till now and is mostly considered to be […]

Parijatak offers the Best treatment for psoriasis In Nagpur

An autoimmune medical condition that results in the building up of skin cells rapidly, thus causing scaly and dry skin is termed as psoriasis. The most common areas in the body which are attacked by this ailment are elbows, knees and scalp. The patches sometimes do sometimes appear on the hands, feet, neck and face also. […]

Best cervical spine treatment in nagpur

Tips To Help You Get Better At Spine Pain The scientific validity of the principles and approaches of Ayurveda as a logical life sciences and as a healing modality have convinced people for a long time. Traditional practices in Ayurveda such as Panchkarma are very popular as our Parijatak Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre regularly reports waiting lists for […]

Best Cervical spine treatment in Nagpur at Parijatak Ayurveda

5 Problems Everyone Has With Cervical Spine Treatment at Parijatak Ayurveda Cervical Spine Treatment at Parijatak Ayurveda is a disorder in which the discs & vertebrae in the neck degenerate and so has a pulling pressure on the spinal cord in the neck. What are the Causes? With aging, the bone of the spine overgrows […]

Spine Treatment Without Surgery in nagpur

Ayurveda is the oldest and one of the most trustworthy forms of medication and treatment which had been developed by the learned sages many centuries ago. With time it has undergone a lot of research and evolved into the more improved mode of treatment. Parijatak, being one of the renowned Ayurveda centers, is a good […]


Get Connected to Parijatak for Best Ayurvedic psoriasis treatment in Nagpur Psoriasis is a very common chronic skin condition that increases the life cycle of the skin cells. It causes the skin cells to build up rapidly which results in the scaling on the surface of the skin. The typical psoriasis scales look whitish-silver and develop in […]