Adult Weekend Celebration Ideas

Friday nights mean that weekend is finally here and we have to say cheers to it. Weekend is the time to spend on things that are enjoyable and relaxing. You will want to savor every minute of your weekend. There are many things you can do from going to a beach resort, take a cruise down the water, head to a bar, host a party for your friends, visit a museum or water park, go to the casino, enjoy brunch in your favorite restaurants, have a ladies night out, attend a live music show, fitness challenges to indulging in spa treatments.

Ladies Night Out

Ladies, its weekend and time to go out! Visit the best venue like a restaurant or bistro or a bar or pub in your town for a ladies night out. There may be offers of complimentary drinks and bites. Escape from reality by unwinding, relaxing and dancing all night. Enjoy delicious complimentary drinks, bubbles, cocktails and spirits.

Saturday Brunch

Enjoy a lay- in and a late lunch on weekends. On a Saturday, head to a good restaurant for a brunch. Relish the specialties created with succulent seafood, beef and vegetables and exquisite signature desserts. Brunch complemented by alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and accompanied by music sounds of DJ`s will be a great way to enjoy your weekend.

Party at a Water Park

Visit indoor or outdoor water parks. If you are in Dubai, head to Aquaventure for an evening pool party. The whole place has its lights down in the night with high volume music for a fun filled evening for adults and families. Enjoy crazy rides at the Water Park in Dubai.

Sunset festivals in beach

Party on the sands and get ready for a great weekend for beach party fun.


Consider a one or two night weekend getaway on a cruise ship. A cruise is a great weekend celebration idea.

Casino Night

Head to a casino resort near you this weekend with your friends and play games to win.

Host a party

Gather your friends at your place and host a party. Stock your bar at home so that you do not run out of drinks during the party. To shop alcohol in Dubai, you can buy from stores like Al Hamra and Le Clos. You can also order online from these liquor shops. Buy your favorite liquor brands at an affordable price in these liquor shops. It is important to get an alcohol license in Dubai to drink or buy alcohol.

Explore museums

Weekends are ideal to visit museums. You will learn a lot from past history.

Watch favorite movies

Utilize the weekends to spend with your family. Watch your favorite movies in a theatre while munching popcorn in the break.

Visit a nightclub in Dubai

Enjoy a post-work refreshing cocktail or arrange a catch up with friends at a nightclub. These clubs encourage all reasons to mingle in the early evening by providing a wide range of alcoholic beverages including some of their signature cocktails for half price.  A place like Soho Garden in Dubai is a cosmopolitan enclave on the edge of the city, It offers a uniquely diverse mix of dining, pool lounging and nightlife experiences.

Try a sport

Play with your friends this weekend and try new games. In places like Dubai, there are many indoor sports academies and centers to get involved in sporting activities.

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