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11 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies To Implement For Your Products


Social Media is the best channel to reach out to your potential customers at where they are. It is growing increasingly effective, innovative and easier for brands to reach out to their target audience. Here is a list of tried and tested social media marketing strategies that are sure to boost your brand’s image online:

1. Integrate Chatbots:

Scaling out human intervention almost completely, chatbots have now become the best tools to get your customers’ issues addressed and resolved. Additionally, they are widely used to collect site visitors’ information after interaction.

The key benefits to having a chatbot include:

• No prior expertise in coding required

• Delivers personalized messages to customers/site visitors

• Seamless Integration with social media platforms

You can also leverage on the feature of messenger destination ads. These ads will redirect your audience to your messenger. This breaks the monotony of the conventional digital ads. This will completely change the way your consumers look at your brand. They’ll now look at your brand as one that is ready to lend its ears and listen to its consumers. Messenger destination ads have also proved to bring in better conversions.

2. Build an audience community:

You’ll have to personally step-up and show your humane side to convince your audience that they’re not always being responded to by a bot. Add some spice into your content with bursts of humour and whiffs of emotions for your audience to connect to. Walk that extra mile by doing all or any of the following

• Ask them for opinions

• Like their posts – social media is all about being social

• Encourage them to ask relevant questions / like & share your content

3. Build a content marketing strategy:

Content Marketing has been the predominant player in marketing and shows no signs of fading away anytime soon. Most brands fail to recognize the power of quality content while a few others are unable to deliver them. Harnessing the true power of content would require scheduling your content for the right time coupled with high quality SEO keywords. Amidst all this, aiming to make your content reach organically would cut down the cost of content marketing via boosting your posts. Incorporating relevant hashtags would prove beneficial for your content’s organic  reach.

4. Incorporate brand advocates:

“Your brand is no longer what you tell your customers, it is what your customers tell each other”It is imperative that you create brand advocates because there is no better marketing resource than your customers. To begin with you can also use your own employees. Form a set of guidelines for them to follow on social media. Split them into groups with one person in charge. Keep track on data and points that need improvement.

5. Post diverse content:

Videos and images would pep-up your content. With the plummeting human attention span the visual route must be your pick! Use every option from your content arsenal to draw the attention of your audience; refrain from using all-text posts. This is the best way to add character to your brand.

6. Branding only on relevant channels:

Before you go ahead and create accounts for your business on every social media channel, take some time to describe your buyer persona. It would be a frivolous pursuit when you create accounts on channels where your audience are not likely to be at.

7. Run cross-channel campaigns:

To make your campaigns more effective and lucrative, ensure that you run cross channel campaigns. Every other brand  runs social media campaigns these days so to stand out you’ll need to do the following:

  • Create a landing page where your audience will be directed to from the campaigns
  • Tell your audience an engaging story
  • Create yourself a unique hashtag

8. Park a social media budget:

Facebook, the highest used social media channel, has been tweaking its algorithm so much that it is now almost impossible for brands to reach out to the entirety of their target audience without parking aside a budget for it. Using the right strategy and targeting, you can always devise cost effective methods. Social Media aims at making the user experience more personal, which you’ll find that it is the best place to connect with your audience on a personal level.

9. Go live and tell stories:

It’s up to you to inspire your audience to start using your product. The leading social media platforms have already incorporated the going live feature which is available to all. Not many brands are capitalizing on this amazing feature where you can directly reach out to your audience and interact with them. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to convince your audience with the fact that you’re not just a money making machine but are someone who cares for their customers.

10. Give-Aways:

The most common online business model is to first give away freebies in the form of a free e-book, invitation to attend a free webinar or constant updates on something in particular within your domain. This will help you widen your audience base and hands you in prospects who are interested in what you’re selling.

11. Invest in a social media management tool:

Timing and placement is pretty important when it comes down to social media marketing. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sit and wait until the time is right for you post your content. You can always invest in a social media management  tool that’ll help you in scheduling things for you across platforms. You can choose from a plethora of options which includes Hootsuite, Buffer, Hubspot, IFTTT etc.

The importance of knowing your audience, analysing the demographic and tracking their behaviour is of the highest order. You can log into your account or use a social media managing tool to get detailed insights on your demographics. You can also derive performance data that’ll help you understand how your brand is performing on social media, with what works and what doesn’t. Some tools give you in-depth information about how your brand hashtags have fared and how much your audience liked your campaigns. This will help you formulate a better strategy, if required, to revamp your brand’s online image.  Follow the above methods and you’re bound to see more traction on your social media profiles and will find your brand build a loyal customer base.

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