04 Simple Facts Of SEO! Keep in mind!

Every entrepreneur or business in 21st century wants to rank his/her website on google. Google is a open market we just need to build up our store with the quality of work (SEO) then automatically you will get its result. The more work you do, more you will get a result.

In the Digital Industry most of the Digital Marketers concentrating on most of the standard and complicated things for the Search Engine Optimization. There are some simple-simple facts/ ideas; if we work on that, you can get more than your competitor.

In this article, I am going to cover all those Simple-Simple facts/ Ideas on which you have to concentrate.
1. Before designing of your website/blog, you need to purchase Domain & most crucial is Web Hosting. At the starting stage, most of the developer/blogger don’t have much money to spend it on hosting. There are some couple of web hosting providers who will go to help you to begin your Online Presence with providing reliable web hosting within your budget. Nowadays web hosting providers supplying On-Page SEO with their package. You just need to purchase the shared hosting package that’s it. All the remaining work they will do. I am using SEO SHARED HOSTING BY NEXA RACKS. I recommend you to take Web Hosting from Nexa Racks. Their support is pretty good, and even if you are developing/designing your website with the help of WordPress, then they will help you in the optimization of your website.
If you are going to purchase SEO Shared Hosting from Nexa Racks then below points not important for you because Nexa Racks team will do it for you.

2. Avoid Spelling Mistakes.
Like all, we know “Content Is King!” If you are writing content for your blog, then try to avoid Spelling Mistakes. If any user caught spelling mistake on your website, then it will create an adverse impact. If you are selling something through your site, then the user may not purchase anything because of content is not proper.
I recommend you that hire any professional content writer. Nowadays you find an excellent writer within your budget just visiting Fiverr.com. If your content is nit-clean and professionally written, then the user may spend some more time on your website. As a result, the bounce rate of your site is going to decrease.

3. Properly generate Sitemap.XML, Robot.txt
You need to generate XML Sitemap for your website. With this, Mr. Google can easily navigate your pages and helps you to rank your content easily.
Robot.txt helps Mr. Google, Mr. Bing, Mr. Yahoo that which pages of your business/blog to be indexed or which pages not to be Indexed by Search Engines.

4. Optimize Your Website Performance.
If your website page size is around 5-10MB, then it may take a lazy load to load the website correctly. To avoid that you just need to do one test with the help of Mr. Google. Navigate to this link – https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ Mr. Google will help you to optimize your website with giving instructions.

Why have I written this article?
Peoples in the digital industry avoiding this factors for their websites. As a result, their website ranking goes down. To avoid that things I have written this blog for my all Digital Family. If you like this article then do consider to comment your opinion about my article.


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